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'The Princess and the Frog' great fun – ribbit.

Oops! Prince transformed into a frog but there are ways to return to full Prince status

Let's get straight to the point here; this is a must see show for children ages 1 day to I'd say around 95 years or so. But, yeah the younger crowd will appreciate it the most.

The show opens with a magical fairy Hyacinth. She is a very pleasant and loving fairy and not all that happy when the Prince arrives on scene unwilling to help deliver food to the needy. Oops! Seems that gets the Prince transformed into a frog but there are ways to return to full Prince status. That action invokes a lovely Princess who has her own issues, especially when it comes to a promise she makes to kiss the frog.

Wrapping it up is the King who sings a song that reveals that yes, even Kings can have sad days. So what these 75 minutes or so focus on are the vulnerabilities of all people, the need to keep promises and the need to be nice to those around us. All of this is told with humor, song and love by four solid actors: Kristin Towers-Rowles as Hyacinth, Andrew James Villareal as the frog and Prince, Katie Kitani and Deanna Gandy as the Princess and Anthony Gruppuso as the King.

There is also a great deal of audience interaction including bringing almost every child to the stage, a deed which seems to excite the kids and their parents even more. Because in the end this totally fun show does two things very well. It thoroughly entertains and it also teaches a couple of very important life lessons.

It runs now through July 8th 2017 every Saturday at 1:00 p.m. at Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Boulevard West, Los Angeles, California 90068 right across from Universal City. However it is also possible to book week day shows for school field trips and even extra special birthday parties. Get all of that information by calling 818-761-2203 and for online ticketing simply go to:


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