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City of Santa Monica Issues Possibly The Most Boring Press Release Ever, In Human History

The City Council "Embraces Diversity." Shocking! Hold The Presses


Boy watching the fountains across Main Street from Santa Monica City Hall.

This shocking press release just in from Constance Farrell, the City of Santa Monica's Information Minister. We give Santa Monica City Hall an A+ in Political Correctness. Please don't read it while driving, operating heavy machinery, or taking off from Santa Monica Airport:

Santa Monica City Council Adopts Resolution Embracing Diversity and Clarifying the City's Role in Enforcing Federal Immigration Law

SANTA MONICA, CA – At its meeting on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, the Santa Monica City Council unanimously adopted a resolution embracing diversity, rejecting hate and discrimination, clarifying the City's role in enforcing federal immigration law, and promoting an environment in which fear and intimidation do not chill cooperation with local law enforcement and other first responders.

In addition to the resolution, Santa Monica Mayor Ted Winterer issued an open letter to the public that communicates the City's long history of embracing diversity and acting with compassion. In the letter, Mayor Winterer outlines the City's pledge to not use City resources including staff to investigate, apprehend, detain, or register any individual whose only offense is that of being undocumented.

City Council also directed City staff to not aid in the creation of a registry or database that is based on a person's religious affiliation, race, national or ethnic origin, immigration status, gender, or sexual identity or orientation or share any data that may have inadvertently been collected.

The Mayor's letter, resolution, and links to resources can be accessed on the city's website at Resources are available in English and Spanish.


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