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If An Old Growth Redwood Tree Falls in Santa Monica, Does Anyone Hear It?

City Finally Removes Old Growth Redwood Tree on 9th Street in Santa Monica.

As Ecclesiastes said, there is a time for everything under heaven; a time to be born and a time to die. An old growth Redwood tree finally had to be taken down on 9th street. It had died during the drought, 18 or so months ago, and had become a hazard to the neighborhood.

The City of Santa Monica, which has an active tree removal department called "Community forestry," red tagged the tree on October 7, 2016. Several residents appealed the decision at

On October 31st, we called the community forester's office. Peter Provenzale, Urban Forest Supervisor, City of Santa Monica told us "We received another appeal last week as well. The adoration of the neighbors and the charm of the tree, the urban forestry division has decided to leave the redwood standing at this time. The tree is in decline and has significant dieback. We will re-inspect the tree in March 2017. At that point we will reassess the health and its overall vigor."

On March 28, 2017, on a day of high winds, a private crew came to take the tree down. The redwood was undeniably brown, a victim of the drought.

There is something special about redwood trees, which is why people turn them into tables and such. Just one of millions of trees that died in the California drought, the loss of the tree has nevertheless hit close to home. My children used to hide behind it when they were small and playing. And what says "California" better than a Redwood tree

Coast redwood and giant sequoia were jointly designated the state tree of California and are famous California tourist attractions. Redwood National and State Parks and several parks including Giant Sequoia National Monument protect almost half the remaining stands of Coast Redwoods and Giant sequoias.

In Redlands, a group has been formed to save local trees in parks, while in Butte County, a local emergency has been declared over dead trees.


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