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City Council Makes It Illegal to Pick Up Your Kid from Santa Monica High School

Replaces all parking on Lincoln Blvd with a bus lane. Way to go, Vikings!

We have warned before that the Santa Monica City Council has declared all out war on the automobile. Specifically, they intend to remake Lincoln Blvd south of the 10 freeway, so it looks as much as possible like Montana Avenue or Ocean Park Blvd.

The Santa Monica City Council has now approved a concept for Lincoln Streetscape Re-DesignLINC including the following change:

- Street parking will be eliminated at peak traffic hours on the corridor to make way for municipal buses, which have their own marked lane.

So good luck, Santa Monica, picking up your kid with his oboe and books at 3:30 pm, because the Santa Monica City Council just made that damn near impossible.

"This is a disaster for Samo where those parking places are absolutely needed at pickup time (what I assume would include peak traffic hours). There is NO OTHER PARKING for the businesses on Lincoln than street parking, so nobody will be able to visit those businesses. What idiots. They overdevelop and then they kill the businesses that are already here," explained one local mom.

After our last article, Mayor Ted Winterer commented: "Read the plan, there will be no reduction in lanes. This week a grandmother was killed in the crosswalk at Hill on Lincoln, this project will enhance pedestrian safety."

Nevertheless, in what may be the most ill conceived traffic plan ever created by city staff paid more than $250,000 a year, the City of Santa Monica is pushing a plan to narrow Lincoln Blvd into one lane in each direction. "Auto-Centric businesses" such as auto parts and mechanics, would be encouraged to leave town.

Commuters would be discouraged from using Lincoln Blvd, since it would flow at about 10 miles an hour between the 10 freeway and Ozone Avenue, 1.5 miles south.


Reader Comments(4)

OPfamily writes:

What is it with this author that he can just make up stories and get them published!! Even after the Mayor of Santa Monica smacks him down for misrepresenting the facts in his previous article about the Lincoln Blvd. plan, he comes out wit this doozy! What a jerk! Even the headline is obnoxious and A TOTAL LIE!! When will this paper fact check, edit, and correct the deliberately false and misleading articles this guy is spitting out?? He is doing a major disservice to your paper and the community. PLEASE someone stop this moron form writing again! We need honest reporting NOT alternative facts!!

none writes:

According to David Ganezer, they intend to remake Lincoln Blvd south of the 10 freeway, so it looks as much as possible like Montana Avenue or Ocean Park Blvd. According to the actual LiNC Plan, Lincoln Boulevard south of the 10 freeway will remain 2 lanes in each direction, unlike Montana Avenue and Ocean Park Blvd., which have only one lane in each direction. According to the actual LiNC Plan, the parking lane on the east side of Lincoln south of the 10 freeway will be for buses only from 7 AM to 10 AM. The parking lane on the west side will be for buses only from 4 PM to 7 PM. For the other 21 hours per day, the parking lanes will be for parking.

None writes:

Once again an ill-informed David Ganezer writes another “alt-fact” article about Lincoln. So let’s un-package Ganezer’s mess with some FACTS: 1) The priority bus lane for BBB Route 3 will operate in the AM from Marine to Pico in the northbound parking lane. This is a weekday only service. 2) The evening peak commute priority bus lane for BBB Route 3 will operate from Pico to the Venice border from 4 to 7 PM. Ditto, a weekday service only. 3) The two traffic lanes will continue as before in each direction 24/7. 4) Westside businesses already suffer from gridlock from 4 to 7 PM as any sighted, sane adult could observe. As a result, most customers avoid Lincoln. 5) The priority bus lane operates SOUTH of Pico, therefore pick-up of students at Samohi is UNAFFECTED. Even kids can draw the same conclusion. SM Observer: You need to replace Ganezer with someone who doesn’t spread “alt-facts”. My suggestion: Terminate Ganezer!

santamonicadad writes:

More alarmist nonsense by an author that cares more about cars than the city he writes about. I was at the community meeting. What you are reporting is completely wrong! The traffic lanes will not be no parking until after 4pm when all students are gone. It seems the author has no problems reporting made up facts (see March article about Lincoln Blvd) in a fruitless attempt to spin his agenda. Maybe he could get a job at Fox News or for the current President but as a reporter for our community he is a joke. How about an editor fact checking this idiot?