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Downtown Los Angeles Center Studios Receives Sustainability Awards

Los Angeles Center Studios is a full-service studio for television, film and commercial production

Los Angeles Center Studios has been recognized for overall savings in energy management as well as recognition for the highest percentage of savings in energy management.

LADWP officials and City leaders recognized the above-and-beyond efforts of top non-residential customers who completed major efficiency and conservation projects and received rebates in the previous calendar year. These endeavors salute the Mayor's Sustainable City pLAn goals in Energy Management, Water Management, Electrification of Transportation and Demand Curtailment and contribute directly to a Los Angeles that is environmentally healthy and economically prosperous.

Together with its tenants, Los Angeles Center Studios continues its efforts in reusing material where feasible, recycling, and reducing waste.

About Los Angeles Center Studios

Los Angeles Center Studios is a full-service studio for television, film and commercial production – a honeycomb of entertainment interests working collectively in a single campus environment. Set on 20 acres in the heart of Los Angeles, this full-service studio features six 18,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art soundstages and one swing stage, as well as 450,000 square feet of short- and long-term 'Class A' office space for entertainment-related and creative companies in industries ranging from film and television to gaming to music to technology.

Los Angeles Center Studios has hosted numerous feature films (including Straight Out of Compton, The Jungle Book, The Hunger Games, and Where the Wild Things Are), television and on-line programs (including Veep, RuPaul's Drag Race, Drunk History, Just Add Magic, Adam Ruins Everything, NCIS), commercials, music videos, concert rehearsals, and events since opening in 1999.

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