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PaintCare California kicks off the first 2017 event on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22 in Santa Monica

Households can recycle unlimited amounts of house paint with program that has recycled 10 million gallons of paint since its inception

For PaintCare, the nonprofit organization running the California Paint Stewardship Program, it's Earth Day every day!

Even so, PaintCare California is kicking off its first free, one-day events of the season on Earth Day in Santa Monica. Additional events will be held on Saturday, April 29 in Hemet, May 20 in Santa Clarita, June 10 in Lake Los Angeles and June 17 in Mariposa. Specific details may be found here:

PaintCare holds one-day events in various parts of the state for anyone to bring house paint, stain and varnish. They are an important part of the paint recycling program. Households can bring any amount of paint to these events; businesses can bring unlimited amounts of latex paint, with a few restrictions on their oil-based paint.

"Even though we have nearly 800 drop-off sites where Californians can recycle smaller amounts of paint all year round, it's important for us to get out in front of the public at these Saturday events," said Jeremy Jones, PaintCare's West Coast program manager. "We want to engage with the public and offer more opportunities to recycle and dispose of their unwanted paint, stain and varnish. We're pleased with how well the public has embraced these events, which complement our year-round drop-off sites and other services, especially for those with large amounts of paint to recycle."

Since the California program started in 2012, more than 10 million gallons of paint have been collected and processed. Another 10 million gallons have been collected from PaintCare's other programs in Colorado, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont.

To find the nearest PaintCare drop-off locations and to learn more about the types of products that are accepted, visit

About PaintCare

Paint manufacturers created PaintCare, a non-profit stewardship organization to run recycling programs in states as they pass paint stewardship laws. Through PaintCare, the paint industry sets up drop-off locations for paint, arranges for recycling and proper disposal of the paint, and conducts outreach about proper paint management. For additional information, visit


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