Community, Diversity, Sustainability and other Overused Words

Ten Things that Often Happen in Sitcoms but Never Happen in Real Life

Someone gets a job where they have to wear a silly costume ....

1. Everyone in the gang tries out for a community theater production. The most vain character doesn't get the leading role. Petty jealously and bickering lead to a disastrous performance.

2. A friendly poker games or weekend trip to the casino revives someone's previously undisclosed gambling addiction. They lose tons of money before their friends realize what's going on and stage an intervention.

3. An unexpected visitor or event leads residents to sleep in one another's beds. Someone comes home late, and finds themselves weasel-snuggling with a completely inappropriate bed-mate (mother-in-law, brother, wife's best friend).

4. Someone volunteers at a hospital, where their favorite terminal patient teaches them a lesson about courage and good cheer in the face of adversity.

5. A distant relative dies and one of the gang is notified that he is a beneficiary in the will. He spends a lot of money, only to find out at the reading that his inheritance is some worthless trinket.

6. Someone purchases a winning lottery ticket, but it gets left in clothing donated to a charity secondhand shop. They try to retrieve it before the item is sold.

7. A couple renews their wedding vows. Seriously, does anyone ever do that?

8. Someone either volunteers or gets a job at the local art museum/gallery. She catches the eye of a wealthy artist/art dealer who hires her to help with an out-of-town gallery display or purchase. When they arrive, there's been a hotel mix-up, so they have to share a room. Turns out Mr. Wealthy wants more than an assistant ...

9. The gang plans a vacation together, but when they arrive at their destination, the room is dirty, substandard, and crowded. With no other vacancies available, they spend their holiday stumbling over luggage and sniping at each other.

10. Someone gets a job where they have to wear a silly costume. They are called away for an emergency, and spend the rest of the day wandering around town dressed as a gorilla, a cupcake, or an elf. Hilarity ensues.

BONUS: Someone wears a nun costume. It doesn't matter why: anyone in a habit is funny.

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