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Red Wine Has Greater Health Benefits Than Resveratrol

Red Wine for Great Health

Over the past few years there has been a lot of chatter about how drinking red wine can be a great boost to your overall health. There is indeed evidence to suggest that red wine, in moderation can deliver levels of resveratrol which does have antioxidant and even anticancer qualities to it. So who wouldn't want that glass of red wine with its resveratrol? Actually there are two very good reasons for skipping the red wine. One is obviously that red wine also contains alcohol which can bring more bad health to the table than the potentially better health from resveratrol and there is that there is a similar but vastly superior molecule that substantial studies strongly suggest provides far more effective antioxidant benefits and is also far better absorbed than is resveratrol. That substance is in fact derived from derived from resveratrol and is known as pterostilbene.

Now consider this. A wide variety of studies of pterostilbene have demonstrated the following health benefits.

Reduce blood pressure -- Reduce cholesterol.

Triglycerides reduced 30% after just six weeks of supplementation with pterostilbene

It has shown an ability to defeat cancer by a positive alteration of metabolism.

Has shown other qualities than can lead to longer life.

One study has even shown that when combined with standard medical treatment pterostilbene has been extremely effective in ridding the body of cancer.

Great, but is it safe? Well so far every known study some even involving wildly excessive doses of pterostilbene have shown no significant clinical or biochemical toxicity.

Clearly the available evidence strongly supports the idea that the consumption of pterostilbene offers substantial health benefits with extremely minimal if any negative side effects. So maybe put down the wine glass and pick up that bottle of pterostilbene. Sure with so many supplements available these days which one should you use?

In all truth most are far better than none. But that said there is one version of pterostilbene that I find to be uniquely positive. It is called Projuvenol and is manufactured and distributed by Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. There are two powerful reasons why I prefer this particular version of the pterostibene supplement. First is that Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. has on it medical and research team some of the finest people in the industry.

Dr. Santosh Kesariis a board certified neurologist and neuro-oncologist and is currently Chair, Department of Translational Neuro-Oncology and Neurotherapeutics, John Wayne Cancer Institute. Dr. Barry Glassman, DMD, DAAPM, DAACP, FICCMO, Diplomate BADSM, FADI and the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain and the American Academy of Pain Management to name but a few of his accomplishments. Dr. Harry M, Lander formerly Assistant Provost of Weill Cornell Medical College and Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at Cornell University. Dr. Vijay Mahant has been involved in medical research and development for over 30 years including working in the Food and Drug Administration. Dr. David P. Hajjar is currently Professor of Biochemistry at Weill Cornell Medical College.

It is this extremely well qualified and deeply experienced team of professionals under the overall corporate leadership of Tim Dixon, CEO of Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. that has developed and produced the sensational supplement Projuvenol that not only contains the highly desirable pterostibene but also other elements that enhance the overall benefits of this extraordinary product, a product with proven abilities to support cellular protection and rejuvenation.


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