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Hacking Your Health in 2018 with Bulletproof Labs & a 20 Second Workout

Physical training equipment unlike anything you will ever find in your local gym

Hello, and happy health to you all! I was lucky enough to be invited to Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica, a 'fitness facility' dedicated to optimizing physical and cognitive performance through science. After spending four hours there, trying almost everything they had to offer, I realized that calling Bulletproof Labs a fitness facility is like calling Picasso a painter; technically it's accurate, but really only scratches the surface of the level of artistic precision they are able to deliver to the body.

That precision all starts with comprehensive testing and setting a baseline for where you are when you arrive. From body composition analysis (body fat, intra and extracellular water, and even the amount of skeletal muscle mass), to looking under the hood with a NASA developed gut micro biome test, they can really see what modalities will be the most beneficial to moving the needle when it comes to optimizing your health.

From there, the knowledgeable staff can help custom tailor a program that delivers measurable results. Every piece of exercise equipment there tracks your performance from workout to workout to help show the dramatic progress along the way. After all, progress equals happiness!

The physical training equipment they have there is unlike anything you will ever find in your local gym. One piece of equipment delivers the equivalent results of a three and a half hour high intensity workout in only 21 minutes, and by combining cold and compression, avoids all the muscle soreness. They also had one machine that trains the bones themselves to gain more density to allow for more skeletal muscles to develop, and it was only a 20 second workout!

Any athlete will tell you that while the workouts are important, recovery is really the key to superhuman performance. I was able to try out something they called the Breath EZ. Specially treated water is misted into your face and this EZ (exclusion zone for you science nuts) water triggers a dramatic process of cellular repair and detox in just 15 minutes.

My absolute favorite experience there was also one of the simplest. By combining electronic pulses with electromagnets, this therapy bed was able to target inflammation that was trapped deep within my body to deliver pain relief that rivaled 2 years of going to a chiropractor all in just 15 minutes.

This small list of modalities only scratches the surface of what they have to offer. But this is one of those examples of feeling is believing; even for me, a health nut and self proclaimed biohacker, I left still feeling like I didn't even know I could feel so good!

To wrap up, in my opinion, Bulletproof Labs is at the forefront of a new wave of healthcare. Millions of people invest time and money every day going to doctor's appointments and gyms across America to go from dying to surviving. It's time to visit Bulletproof Labs to go from just surviving to thriving!

For a more complete look into what the facility has to offer, visit

Omid Vojdani is the founder of Succeed With Omid, a program of complete personalized mind body health specializing in wellness, injury rehab, and relationship management. For more information check out


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