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How I Learned How to Free the Hydrogen Molecule from its H2O Shackles with HyrdroTab

Hydrogen is a super small atom, and in the body acts like an antioxidant

Two weeks ago, I found myself at Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica to be a guest at a launch party for HydroTab. HydroTab is a tablet that is added to plain water to 'free' the hydrogen molecule from its H20 shackles and, once consumed, helps the body detox at the molecular level inside the cell.

To understand this, we've got to talk a little bit of chemistry and microbiology. While oxygen is a vital part of life (yay breathing), it is also a catabolic nutrient (think rust on a boat). To keep things simple, when we burn oxygen for any kind of fuel in the body, we create free radicals, or oxidants inside the cell. This gave rise to the seemingly never ending 'antioxidant' products on the market.

Antioxidants are still an important thing to consume regularly to avoid garbage from staying inside of us. But, it's important to understand that we NEED some free radicals in our body. Cells need some buildup of free radicals to create just enough stress to either get stronger, or be replaced by younger and more robust versions. Another way to think about this is working out: we expose our body to a certain level of stress (and lots of heavy breathing), and the free radicals produced are what trigger the strengthening of muscle and the breakdown of fat.

Even more simply, if you take in antioxidants right after a workout, you run the risk of blunting a lot of the effects of a workout. No one wants that, right?

So, back to HydroTab, and the hydrogen molecule. Hydrogen is a super small atom, and in the body acts like an antioxidant with one important difference: it's selective on which free radicals it targets, specifically the hydroxyl radicals. These special radicals can hide in the most annoying places in the cell (the mitochondria and the nucleus), and can gunk up the inner workings. The problem is, hydrogen is such a small atom that it's hard to consume enough of it to really make a difference, and that's where HydroTab comes in.

HydroTab is the largest concentration of molecular hydrogen on the market (up to 10 ppm for you geeks out there), which means enough of it gets into us to really make a difference. My personal findings really were dramatic. After two weeks of daily consumption, I find that concentration is easier, my energy is much more stable through the day, and my sleep has even improved. Big claims, yes. But allow me to close this post with an analogy.

Imagine having a grocery list, and only $100. You put one item at a time into the cart until you reach the limit of $100, but you find that there are still a few items that you can't afford. At this point we've got two options: one is to get more money, and the other is to wait for a sale. Well, this is kind of what happens inside the cell. If things cost too much inside the cell, we've got to be selective on what processes we carry out, often short changing one or more processes.

By clearing out the gunk inside of small structures in the cells, the hydrogen basically reduces the 'cost' to do things. In other words, everything is on sale, and our $100 can buy everything on our list. And that's how I feel after two weeks – because things are easier from the inside out, I feel like I still have money in the bank and I have more energy leftover for more creative things like writing this article without struggle!

HydroTab is 30 tablets for $32.50, and only one tab a day dissolves in water in less than two minutes. For me, I'm definitely going to add this product to my daily list of 'hacks.' For more information, check out, or if you're a geek like me, feel free to check out the research at the

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