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It Seems Counterintuitive, But Boundaries Actually Bring Breakthroughs

Energy, mindset and behavioral indicators all operate at the same time


It sounds sort of counterintuitive doesn't it? The idea that creating firm, clear boundaries will actually cause a BREAKTHROUGH in your life.

But, if I boiled this concept right down and said: you only have a certain amount of energy to dedicate to your hopes and dreams. And that if people around you drain you beyond your metaphorical, tank balance minimum - and you're unaware, your in danger of running on empty.

That highlights a dire need to measure your energy. Don't you think?

Instead of simply looking at your boundaries as keeping certain people's behaviours in-check. Consider that your boundaries are doing much more. They are actually keeping measure of how much of your VITAL LIFE FORCE is being directed to your hopes and dreams- or to the wishes, dreams and hopes (or dramas) of others.

Of course, energy, mindset and behavioural indicators all operate at the same time. But, it's important to understand the true reason to keep these external variables balanced. It is solely so you can distribute energy to wherever YOU feel necessary (not based on emotional blackmail or ambush).

So, now we get onto boundaries. If you're one of those 'sweet, caring, lovely, spiritually minded- or religiously led' people, who aim to be the best and do the best for others whenever possible. It's also very possible that you have either weak boundaries, boundaries that aren't expressed properly- or worst of all, boundaries that aren't respected whatsoever.

What's the point of personal boundaries? Very good question! These are rules that establish what we allow and what we do not allow when it comes to how people get to interact with us personally. It might go something like: you cannot call me at 11:45pm at night- I do not accept phone calls. Or it might be something a little more vague- and possibly more familiar: you must respect me.

You get to decide what your boundaries are- and who they apply to, or who might get an exception. But, make no mistake it is vital you learn to create and exercise them.

So, back to the point of this article. How is you creating and executive your boundaries effectively going to lead you to breakthrough. Well, it's very simple... if your energy is kept in-check, measured out perfectly to be focused on what you need to achieve for you- it will go there, and your dreams will come into focus.

However, if you constantly allow people- you know who, to continue to take- when you know they are simply taking of you, you are sacrificing the portion of energy you would have dedicated to your dreams to OTHERS and theirs.

Therefore- and the most important part to this- energetically you NOT having boundaries, and letting people take what they want from you, says your dreams are less important than this person's requests, demands or desires.

My inner check- and one I recommend you playing with, goes a little something like this: does this person care for my dreams as much as I care for theirs? That often helps to clarify things.

Now, what boundary will you create so you can focus own energy on making YOUR dreams come true?

Todd Savvas is an international spiritual teacher and Sage, specializing in bringing ancient wisdom to today's age. He can be seen on Extra TV, Good Day LA and Young Hollywood. You can read his free, daily guidance on his socials @toddsavvas or to arrange private sessions with him visit his website


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