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Advertising Boat with LED Display Cruises Santa Monica Bay

Time to call out the Coast Guard. They're advertising on boats!


A 51 foot long advertising boat with an electric sign similar to those on the sides of the Goodyear Blimp, has been spotted by, well, 1000's of people. Trouble is, some of those people believe the boat detracts from their view of sand and sea, seals and dolphins.

"The future of LED advertisement is here and it starts in Santa Monica," says

"Our  boat will travel more than 3 miles across Santa Monica bay and will be capable of static to video messages campaigns. Your company or ad will be seen by millions of people every single month. We run 10 to 15 sec per ad on a 2 min advertisement loop while the boat operates 8 hours a day 7 days a week. You can create any type of campaign that fits your need. We are available 24hrs a day to ask about rates and packages."

"I saw it this weekend. What looked like a floating semi truck with advertising photo-bombed my family picture," complained former City Council Candidate Armen Melkonian.

Others called it an eyesore and debated on social media, whether the City even had jurisdiction over coastal waters (it doesn't).

No current statute appears to regulate advertising on US national waterways, says our attorney, Susan Keen.

So get used to it because rather like Bird Scooters, advertising boats appear to be part of the new Santa Monica landscape. Or seascape.


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Local writes:

The thing to do is get people together and sink the businesses on Yelp that advertise on there and call and talk to the managers.


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