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Suicide 2018: Why is No One Talking About the Real Problem? Anthony Bourdain had.....

No history of mental illness, whatsoever. How long did these people secretly hide pain and sadness?

Are we all awake yet? Are we all taking notice?

Kate Spade earlier this week, now Anthony Bourdain. Two people- with enviable careers and opportunity. Highly creative and deep feelers, unable to continue on because of fears only fully known to them.

The fashion industry is no stranger to this news, but now we are seeing this trend spread, like a virus to any and all industries. Designers, musicians and creatives are highly sensitive, often very emotional and intuitive, they get hit the fastest, as their go-to imagination turns into a living nightmare. Alexander McQueen, his muse Isabella Blow, L'Wren Scott and Australia's Charlotte Dawson, all taken by a private torture, so lost in it they were unable to find their way out.

These suicides are felt not only by their family, but by those who look up to these figures. The sadness then rippling out and infecting a whole new generation of people, with even less tools to deal with it.

My publicist's son saw Anthony Bourdain as a hero and inspiration. Not only because of his career, but also because he was an openly flawed person, not pretending to be perfect. He was a hero because he was raw, real and still going- he was human. Until he couldn't do human anymore. How will this news affect people who looked up to him and thought "he has kept going, so can I"?

Are we ready to talk about what's really happening and why people can't cope navigating life on earth right now?

In a recent CDC study they found that suicide is on the rise in every state, across ALL ages, genders, races and ethnicity – and in more than half of these deaths, within 27 states these people had no history of mental illness.

No history of mental illness, whatsoever. How long did these people secretly hide pain and sadness?

As a Spiritual Teacher, my job is to come at things from the spiritual perspective- and to say that the energy right now (which begun about two weeks ago) has been some of the most intense and seemingly damaging I can recall, is a massive understatement.

This period is hard work for those who are what we call 'sensitives'. These are the people who feel energy, observe emotions and often tune into emotions for creativity. You, too, might be one of these. The world NEEDS these people!

If you haven't realised it by now, the world as it is right now is not designed to support people's spirit. You're being fed the lie that life value is tied to goods, labels, money, acquisition, money, achieving, status, getting noticed, money, looking better- hotter, etc.

Where has the real value gone? It has gone directly to Instagram followers and Twitter retweets.

Society is approaching this as either a mental or physical issue, or both. But, when are we going to talk about the REAL issue? That these people's spirits are starving and the fact they- and society has no idea how to feed them.

If the spirit is lacking what it needs, there is nothing external that could come that could possibly satisfy the hunger.

You're noticing people with 'success' ending their life. You're noticing kids with their entire journey yet to be had- needing to leave this place because they find it too hard. You're noticing creatives, so lost in the disconnection of their energy and their life- not being able to keep going.

What you're not noticing is the people living their very normal life, seemingly happy, and very not happy- until it's too late.

If people understood that these feelings are more common than what you'd imagine- we can start creating a conversation around it.

When you aren't happy- and you're feeling that guttural yearning, it's not a mental problem. It's your spirit calling out for more, for purpose, for connection, for reason to continue expanding. And you need to know how to understand that message and how to heal the issue

Deep darkness is there to push change. If you're feeling it- it means you aren't where you're meant to be, and the dark feelings are your souls way of waking you up.

As a society, with our family, with our friends, we need to have regular conversations around how our soul is doing. Creating a normal space to discuss soul and spiritual health.

You don't have to be 'spiritual' to recognise that there's a distinct difference between mental health and physical health. What's more- you can feel that there is a difference between your emotions and how you are feeling, deep beyond those emotions. This is the realm of the soul.

We don't need to continue the same cycle of observing suicide, posting a social media post letting followers know about suicide prevention hotlines, then moving on the next day. This doesn't hit those who actually needs it. A social media post does not make us socially responsible. I'm an energy, not data guy, but the data supports this. Social media usage is rising and so is suicide.

If you feel called to action- take actual action. Take a moment to think of who you know might NEED you to connect with them. Your intuition and heart are programmed to sense this call.

The more 'online' this world becomes, the less we remember how to be 'offline'.

Unplug from those phone notifications and sit with the spiritual notifications you are receiving. Reconnect with THAT 'feed' and see where you're guided. I did this morning and discovered an old friend, in another country is suffering and doesn't know if he can go on.

I look at him and see him as an amazing, talented and beautiful man, doing so much to change and help the world- unfortunately having sacrificed so much of his own time and life to do so. The world would be a darker place without his presence in it.

Who do you feel might be going through a hard time?

Don't know how to open a conversation that welcomes in authentic dialogue? Try these:

You've been on my heart today. What's going on in your life today?

How are you feeling right now?

How does your heart feel today?

Where would you love to go today?

What would you love to do today?

Where would you like to go with me today?

It's a hard time right now. How are you experiencing life today?

Remember if people matter- don't get too busy to let them know. Even mind readers (actually, especially mind reader's) forget this fact and most people aren't mind readers.

If you feel it. Say it.

I would love to spend some time with you today

You really matter to me. I want to see you

I have a fantastic experience planned for us

I've been so busy, but I haven't forgotten you- and I want to see you.

An Instagram post, as eloquent, and seemingly well intended as it could be, cannot ever replace the sensation of being held and true connection.

The CDC report states: among people ages 15 to 34, suicide is the second-leading cause of death. Read that one more time- second-leading cause of death. THE SECOND.

If you're reading this and you're feeling alone, lost, forgotten and without a reason to continue. Hear this: you are not alone, and the Universe wants you here, on earth, and out of this darkness. You are sensitive and that's a beautiful- yet sometimes burdensome thing. There are many people who have felt what you're feeling- and you're overwhelmed now. But, we need you to do one more thing- reach out PROPERLY! Remember: not everyone can read between the lines.

As you read this: who in your life do you feel you want to reach out to? I recommend avoiding lovers, go with family, friends, a counsellor, a teacher, or a professional. It doesn't matter if this feels to be a burden. You must reach out to discover that someone will grab your hand- and heart.

Maybe it's time for you to turn to the source- the Universe. Do you know how to pray for help properly?

Put your hands up in the air and say out-loud:

Dear Spirit (or God, Jesus, Buddha, Universe- whoever you talk to)

I give up!

I surrender!


Take a big deep breath in and then out. Repeat this process three times and focus on breathing in deeply.

Are we ready to talk about the soul and what it needs now? Because the suicide situation has become dire.


Todd Savvas is an international spiritual teacher and Sage, specializing in bringing ancient wisdom to today's age. He can be seen on Extra TV, Good Day LA and Young Hollywood. You can receive his free, daily guidance on his socials @toddsavvas or enquire about private sessions with him at his website


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