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SKT International Law Firm Jumps Aboard the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium

Global law firms and international businesses find common ground in Blockchain technology

Expanding on their Southeast Asian presence and growing representation of US tech companies, Schuchert, Krieger, Truong, Spagnola & Klausner, LLP (SKT) proudly joins GLBC to share their experience with cryptocurrency best practices and emerging tech platforms.

After quickly gaining attention from international businesses in China, Vietnam, Philippines, and Singapore, the firm has earned one-of-a-kind experience to blockchain based companies seeking regulatory compliance and first to market exposure (such as ICO's and privacy applications).

"We are excited to join GLBC's first-rate community of tomorrow's blockchain experts", said Bart Kaspero, one of SKT's lawyers who focuses on ICO and blockchain matters. "The difference in delivering superior services to revolutionary businesses is found in collaborating with responsible and highly competent groups that share a similar vision." Kaspero sees vast opportunities in helping businesses reach their full potential through ICO's because of the power that momentum has in launching great enterprises. "Every industry has experienced turbulence in their formative years, blockchain and it's ability to transform entire ecosystems is no different," says Kaspero, "and may in fact be exceptional when compared to what came before."

The Global Legal Blockchain Consortium is fast becoming of the preeminent knowledge group within the legal industry for collaborative blockchain governance. GLBC is composed of some of the world's most experienced companies, law firms, universities, and software specialists on establishing standards for blockchain's promise within the business of law. A trusted community of members who share a vision in building a lasting framework for data integrity, privacy, efficiency, transparency, and trusted practices through a groundbreaking technology, the Consortium brings together stakeholders who commit their own efforts in their respective fields of delivery proof of concepts (POC's) on how blockchain can foster better business processes.

"It's time that global law firms and international businesses find common ground in a technology that will bring everyone closer together in the very near future," says Eliot Krieger, founding partner of SKT. "By being at the forefront of this discussion and putting our own efforts into developing real use cases, we are excited about what innovation can bring to law and society as a whole."

SKT has worked closely with some of the firm's most creative clients with backgrounds in healthcare, real estate, telecommunications, biotechnology, and helped these businesses develop sound strategies in navigating the regulatory landscape for token-based blockchain applications. With offices strategically located in Asia's innovative centers, the firm has assisted small and large companies in matters of business, intellectual property, trade/customs compliance, taxation, immigration, white-collar defense, complex family cases, and unique emerging market players.


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