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Sudden Rainstorm Brings Thunder, Lightning to Beaches

20 minute squall moves through and drops rain throughout the Westside

A sudden rainstorm moved through the Westside on Wednesday just before noon. It brought thunder and lightning, and for a few minutes, heavy rain. The sidewalks dried very quickly after the monsoonal squall.

The City of Santa Monica issued an alert. "An electrical storm with lightning has been reported in Santa Monica. Please evacuate all ocean and beach areas. Seek cover away from the beach and indoors on the Pier until the storm has ended," read the alert.

Earlier, it had been reported in West Los Angeles. 20 minutes after arriving in Santa Monica, the lightning storm moved on to Malibu.

summer rain is unusual in Los Angeles County. Ten years ago, lightning hit 2 surfers in Venice, killing one in the water and sending the other to a local hospital.


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