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Nationwide #Spectrum Outage Affects Data, TV. @Dodgers Baseball interrupted

Dodger game blackout in New York Los Angeles

7/29: A widespread outage of spectrum data Internet and television was recorded in California, Philadelphia, and New York. Monday night was hot in the south west, and this may have strained the power grid. Carolina Collins tweeted: I would like to also point out our internet is down as well- so no #hulu & #Netflix watching... Thanks #Spectrum 🤦🏻‍♀️

#verizon #spectrum #frontiercommunications


Rerouting Complete

Network Returning To Normal

Stand By Checking For Anomolies

Update Found

Anomaly Deleted

Have A Nice Day,Good By...

Spectrum is a brand of Charter Communications which was launched in 2014 and used to market consumer cable television, Internet, and telephone provided by the company, and formerly provided by Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, which Charter Communications acquired in May 2016.


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