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How to Release Old Wounds That You've Been Hiding during the Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius

The Divine Gift of Starting Again

We all have those experiences in life which feel as though they are so critical, crucial and fundamental, that they almost create the basis of who we are. But the question is, who are you without them?

You might have heard the universe is pretty busy right now. You've got the second of three eclipses to hit on July 27th, with a full moon eclipse in the sign of Aquarius, many planets in retrograde – and of course, everyone's favourite time of year starts July 26th: Mercury Retrograde. Electronics broken or miscommunication? That's the reason!

Basically, this period encourages deep enquiry, reflection and release – specifically releasing old wounds that you've been hiding.

What's beautiful about this type of energetic moment in time – and let me be clear, this astrological set up is RARE, is, you are encountering something unique. All that being said, this type of process of enquiry and release presents an opportunity for starting your life ANEW.

This really feels like a reminder to discover whether your being BELIEVES that no matter how much life you've already invested in something and 'lost', there's still lots to come.

Right now, your future is stretching itself out in front of you, extending years ahead, revealing that there are so many more possibilities for hopefulness, joy and love.

You might have already recognized what wounds were buried within you. Reflect over the past two months – that's when they started being revealed.

Remember: you aren't what you've been through, what has happened to you or who you were with. You are constantly evolving and changing – if you let yourself.

What stopped feeling right for you? What aspects of your life fell apart? Which people in your life were suddenly removed by their choice or by actions outside of planning? All of these dynamics were part of the old life you were burdened with and have outgrown.

This is the moment to see what has gone, what is done, what is no longer part of you and what is STILL TO COME!

This period, with all of it's intense and changeable dynamics, is guiding you to better things yet to come – your only responsibility is to look forward with the knowing that Destiny never downgrades.

So, whatever you've experienced thus far, life can and will be better.

Look to the now, see what's there, who is showing up? What fear is getting triggered? Behind the fear is the breakthrough! Listen to the signs and the prompts.

Now, look to tomorrow and know it's going to be even more full. You're only now emptying the closets of your heart so you have space for the new.


Todd Savvas is an international spiritual teacher and Sage, specializing in bringing ancient wisdom to today's age. He can be seen on Extra TV, Good Day LA and Young Hollywood. You can receive his free, daily guidance on his socials @toddsavvas or enquire about private sessions with him at his website


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