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Armen Melkonians and Kate Bransfield Decide Not to Run for City Council, Citing CVRA Lawsuit

Reason: Lawsuit Will Redraw District Lines and Then Another Election Will be Held Anyway

Former City Council candidate and Facebook maven Armen Melkonians has decided not to run for City Council. His former slate mate, Kate Bransfield has made the same decision. They issued the following statement:

Special Announcement to our Residocracy Supporters and Santa Monica Neighbors:

Kate Bransfield and I have decided not to enter the race for City Council for the November 2018 election.

This was a difficult decision for us to make but one we felt was necessary at this time. We would like to thank everyone who has given us their encouragement and support, as well as a special shout out to all who signed our petitions to place our names on the ballot.

Our decision to not enter the race at this time is based on the uncertainty of the at large election system for the November 2018 City Council race. As you man know, the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) filed by Maria Loya and the Pico Neighborhood Association against the City of Santa Monica is currently being heard by Judge Palazuelos in L.A. Superior Court. As the trial was not postponed, the results may affect the November 2018 election. Should the judge rule in Plaintiffs favor, the at large elections in Santa Monica will be cancelled, district lines will be drawn, and new District Elections will be held sometime after November 2018.

As you know, our election campaign to represent your voice on the City Council would have been a hard-fought grass-roots campaign. To run an effective campaign, we would need the volunteer support from the hundreds of Residocracy volunteers who have stepped up time after time to take our city back.

The judge's decision on the CVRA lawsuit is sure to come out in the next several months. On the strong likelihood that the CVRA lawsuit will win and the November election will be cancelled, we cannot in good conscience ask for the tremendous level of support and hard work from our Residocracy volunteers that will be required and may be in vain.

Thus, we have decided to not enter the race for City Council at this time. We are hopeful that justice will be served through the CVRA lawsuit, that district elections will be our future, and that we will rise to fight another day.

Until then, we will continue to fight through Residocracy to make sure that Your Voice is heard at City Hall. Thank You again for all your support and encouragement.

Kate Bransfield and Armen Melkonians, August 5 at 7:50 PM


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