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Deranged Homeless Slashed Young Man Waiting for an Uber in Tongva Park

20 year old victim is seriously wounded but expected to make a complete recovery.

A 20 year old college student was slashed and sent to the hospital by a schizophrenic homeless man in Tongva Park August 20th at 3 am. They were waiting for an Uber, there was some sort of conflict with the victim, and he was hit with a frame.

The DA has declined to file charges. Sgt. Rudy Villegas did not know why, but said they were not filing assault with a deadly weapon charges. He added that the incident happened on the Main Street side of the park.

The victim is reportedly expected to make a full recovery.

Tongva Park lies between City Hall and the Santa Monica pier. The park which was constructed at great cost, is a magnet for homeless people.


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Moo2 writes:

Point of observation (no pun intended), but your photograph does not match it's caption or the story.