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Charity Spotlight: Karon Pardue Combines Her Passion For Surf, Charity & Community Service Partners With SOCOOLKIDS

Teens experience life changing moments.

Karon Pardue is passionate about balancing surfing with community service; she travels with teenage surfers from Santa Monica and Santa Barbara, showing them firsthand what it means to give back to the greater good.

This summer they went to Costa Rica and Panama. Karon, through her non-profit organizations is making a difference. http://www.GiveAndSurf.Org partnered with Karon this year, they are a local Panama charity who create cultural exchanges between volunteers and students to create great opportunities and training to teachers, they are building up a community through positive action.

Volunteers live in a collaborative and beautiful environment. In exchange for their services and funding in building this community, volunteers receive a wonderful cultural immersion experience that provides incredible insight into non-profit and international development work.

Along the way Karon recruits companies to work with her; this summer she partnered with SOCOOLKIDS.

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