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Seeking a Meditation Get Away? The Shore Hotel in Santa Monica Has an App for that. And a Garden

Eco-Conscious Activities for the Busy but Thoughtful Traveler, in a Central Location

The Shore Hotel has launched a Meditation Garden, which sync's with an app called StopBreatheThink. We asked the hotel's General Manager Gerry Peck, why a first class hotel on bustling Ocean Avenue, features Meditation. His response:

Gerry Peck, the General Manager of Shore Hotel, describes the Meditation Garden as a self guided area for people to sit on and watch a meditation video, or meet with a teacher, and meditate. "We suggest that guests set an hour aside in the garden to meditate," says Peck.

The Shore Hotel, he says, "is a LEED certified hotel. We’re trying to be environmentally conscious. We do anything we can do to relive peoples’ stress and help out their deep rooted conscious and help out the earth as well. Meditation helps the traveller get a release from their hectic lives when they come to visit the Shore."

“We try to ensure that people who don’t lead quiet lives all the time, we provide a little time for themselves. And at the same time, help with the eco-conscious activities,” says Peck.

Peck says that the Shore Hotel's guests are a diverse lot. "20% are international. 80% are leisure travelers here for a few days to explore the sites and sounds of Santa Monica, the other 20% would be the corporate clients, people in for their business to conduct their meetings here," said Peck.

"Miami Beach and Waikiki have much taller buildings! Santa Monica city planners have kept the heights down. Yes, this area is a little more cosmopolitan than it was 15 years ago. But I think the City Council and planners have a good scope of projects in mind," said Peck.

"I love the fact that almost all of the Ocean is park, on the Pacific ocean side. To replicate Miami Beach would be hard, those hotels have direct access to the beach which we don’t."

"What’s coming on the horizon, I don’t see much more construction on Ocean Avenue. To me Santa Monica means slow growth, and that is a good plan," said Peck.

So why choose the Shore Hotel over the Loews, or Shutters, or one of the other luxury Santa Monica hotels?

"If you like this kind of architecture, with the open air concept, the glass and steel, the rooms have see through bathrooms, they’re quirky and 80% of our rooms have ocean facing rooms."

"Our location on Ocean Avenue is better than Loews, or even the Fairmont! We’re next to the pier and Santa Monica place and so many restaurants, plus Pacific park thirdly, we offer the guys who may not think about eco-consciousness, when they get on the prompt, what’s going on with our low flow water, and we help people feel good about where they’re staying. You might be totally eco conscious at home, but we’re going to help you be that in Santa Monica," says Peck.

Part of the press release from the Shore Hotel is below.

Celebrating the launch of the new Meditation Garden, Shore Hotel will host sunset meditations each Monday in September from 7-8pm starting 9/10. Guests are invited to practice a guided meditation with app StopBreatheThink in the tranquil garden setting complete with candle lighting, meditation poufs, calming scents and more.


Throughout the month of September, all Shore Hotel guests will have the option to add on some extra Mindfulness & Meditation from eco-friendly partner LATHER. The $10 treat includes:

· Inner Peace Meditation Balm featuring a blend of essential oils perfect for unwinding and centering yourself: frankincense (restorative + purifying), vetiver (soothing + grounding), bergamot essential oil (calming + clarifying) and ylang-ylang (uplifting + balancing).

· A 10-day free trial of the StopBreatheThink app for guided meditation

· Cucumber Milk Facial Cleanser

· Cucumber Ginseng Facial/Body Mist


For a little extra pampering, guests booking stays in the month of September using the Self-Care September promotion will receive a free Welcome Kit featuring LATHER favorites like the Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub and Body Crème, Ultra Mild Face Wash & Face Lotion, Hand Therapy and Muscle Ease Gel. Guests must book online using promo code SELFCARE to receive this extra dose of indulgence.

Shore Hotel is proud to partner with local eco-friendly company LATHER for Self-Care September. LATHER offers a superior skin and body care experience by creating products using the highest quality of natural ingredients and essential oils. Free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and colors, LATHER nourishes your skin and body for optimal wellness.


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