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By Sarah Storkin
Observer Staff Writer 

Tearful Brett Kavanaugh Denies Having Ever Met Christine Blasey Ford

Breaks down as he swears before God and on his family, that he did not assault Ford


September 27, 2018

"Among examples of sexual behavior includes grinding his genitals against someone else, and horseplay."

Dr. Ford has stated that somewhere between 5 or 6 people were present at the gathering. You, Mike Judge, Patrick PJ Smith, Dr. Ford, Leland Kaiser and 2 other other people. How do you know Mike Judge?

A friend starting in 9th grade. We were a friendly group at Georgetown Prep. He was a funny guy, bright, developed an addiction problem, nearly died from his addiction. I haven't talked to him in a couple years.

Patrick Smith, also 9th grade, he and I lived close to one another, played football together, we carpooled to school. I didn't have a car

He refused to suspend the hearing for an FBI investigation (you know, so they could use their time machine to go back to 1982). He seemed tired.

On MSNBC, a woman who had worked with Judge Kavanaugh said she'd never seen the emotional side of him before.


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