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At 15, Stephen Miller was no longer Eating Glue. He Was Protesting Against Leftism at Samohi

I was Steve Miller's first boss. He wrote an anti-Freshman Seminar for me.

I was steve miller's first boss. He wrote an anti-Freshman Seminar for me. This was long after he was in third grade, and apparently eating glue, according to a third grade teacher recently suspended by SMMUSD, the local school district. "He was a creepy loner," she recalled.

Then as now, I publish a local print newspaper in Santa Monica, CA called the Observer. In 2002, a 16 year old kid named steve miller came to me and asked me if he could write editorials. I told him, sure, as long as they're local.

Miller wore a smoking jacket and smoked a pipe. I mean he did that in 9th Grade. He wrote a long piece trashing Freshman Seminar, a mandatory 9th grade class on Social Justice and the importance of Redistributive Economics.

About a quarter of it was about the Holocaust, then they proceed to link it to the treatment of African Americans. Freshman Seminar is required of all 9th graders at Santa Monica High School

It is intended to make everyone appreciate everybody else’s background so everyone can get along. In practice it tends to have the opposite effect

One day, he presented me with this long editorial trashing the mandatory orthodox leftism seminar. I read it and I was concerned. So I called him on the cell phone.

"I will print this article if you want me to, Steve. But I'm warning you now, people will hate you if I do. I want you to think about it over night," I told him.

The next day he called me on the cell phone. "I've thought about it as you asked me to, Mr. Ganezer. I've decided that I don't care what people think about me. I don't care if people hate me. So go ahead and print it."

Miller graduated from SamoHi in 2004, and went to Duke University. Then he got an internship at, where he met a man named Steve Bannon. He got another internship writing speeches for Jeff Sessions.

One day in early 2016, Donald Trump called Sessions. "I'm running for President, and I don't have a speechwriter," said Trump. Did he know anyone who could write speeches?

"Yeah, I have this weird Jewish kid from Santa Monica working for me. He's strange, but an amazing speech writer, actually."

"Fine," said Trump. "He's hired."

Miller went to work for Trump. He wrote an inauguration speech for a President, and now has an office 3 doors down from the President.

Me, I'm still doing the same thing I was 15 years ago. But from time to time, I wonder if I didn't worry too much about what people thought about me.


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