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AMP Association Launches Functional Training Environment Fueled By Innovative Fitness Philosophy

features exercises that utilize dumbbells, kettle bells, slam balls, barbells, rigs and gymnastic strength, along with a focused array of cardio machines

AMP Association has launched in Santa Monica, a functional training environment focused on an innovative fitness philosophy and methodology by Founders & Personal Trainers Ahnna McDevitt and Alex Hope.

Recently re-locating from London, and having travelled the world, Ahnna & Alex have designed a unique, high-end fitness haven that stands as an emblem of their international experience and gravitas. With state-of-the-art features, brand-new equipment, a spacious community area, and top-tier changing facilities, AMP Association inspires members as soon as they walk in to the space.

"We have created unique classes that are accessible to everyone, but also push regular gym-goers," says Ahnna. "Our aim is to build strong minds and strong bodies that are ready to take on anything inside and outside of the gym."

"'No Shortcuts' is our belief for everything," adds Alex. "Anything can be achieved with hard work and consistency. There are no shortcuts in life."

The AMP Association model features exercises that utilize dumbbells, kettle bells, slam balls, barbells, rigs and gymnastic strength, along with a focused array of cardio machines that challenge members to their core. The workout sessions constantly vary with goals and targets that are tailored to each gym-goer, while ensuring that the quality of movement is maintained – a philosophy that is extremely important to the team in an effort to keep members healthy and injury free.

While the AMP Association team encourages appropriate rest and recovery, its unique program is designed for people who want to come every day of the week; each day with a different focus. With a goal-oriented perspective woven throughout, AMP is keen to learn what members are looking to achieve, working with where they are at in their fitness journey and mapping out a plan to get them to where they want to be. "We track results and progress," Alex points out. "We have a competitive element, working together and pushing each other. Having these qualities separates us from other types of classes. We have a strong emphasis on the machines we use: Concept 2 rower, Ski erg and the Rogue Echo bike. We will also incorporate a good amount of running."

To further motivate members, AMP Association employs a system called 'Wodboard' that creates a profile for members so they can log results and progress. An app for this system is also being created, to allow members to log scores and keep track via their phones wherever they are. "This will help our members choose the right progression for each session and also allow the coaches to direct them in the correct way," notes Alex.

When approaching the design of their brand/space, Ahnna and Alex trusted the talented team at Shift, who helped bring their vision to life with meticulous attention to detail. The goal was to allow the branding to carry through the facility and various merchandise in a homogenous manner, imprinting a visual that passer-by's would grow to recognize instantly. The resulting space has been designed with a fantastic, versatile aesthetic that lends to the refined training practices and programs found within. The location itself has been a gym space for many years with a remarkable history of clientele, most notably known as being the training facility for Sylvester Stallone during the infamous "Rocky" films. "We are so happy we have the opportunity to keep this unique history going," says Ahnna. "We are positive we will have the same success in training everyone who comes through our doors and genuinely believe that we offer everything you need. If you dedicate your time coming to our classes, you won't feel the need to hop from one studio to another."

AMP Association provides an all-encompassing platform where people can be consistent and committed -- which is what ultimately leads to the best results. Building community is at the cornerstone of AMP Association's mission, and a personal passion for Ahnna: "We are creating a place where everyone knows each other. When you workout with friends; you're accountable to them. You push hard and push them on too. We want your closest friends to be those you have met at AMP."

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AMP Association Founders: Ahnna Hope

Born and raised in London, Ahnna grew up playing field hockey and netball with a special appreciation for teamwork and competitive sports. In University, she joined a gym and started working out on her own to keep fit, but slowly found herself feeling bored and demotivated. Ahnna experimented with yoga and running for a few years until she found CrossFit, amplifying her knowledge of training and leading to her Level 3 Personal Training Certification, Level 1 CrossFit Certification, and attending the likes of the Gym Jones Fundamentals seminar. Ahnna's passion for health and fitness motivates her to continuously learn and grow as a fitness professional, with a current focus on becoming a qualified Nutrition Coach. Through her years of tweaking her own nutrition and eating right for herself, she has so much advice for others who want to improve their nutrition and lifestyle as well. Ahnna's favorite place to be is at the gym, surrounded by the best of friends she has made there. It is her dream come true to jointly create a space with Alex that they can call theirs. She is excited to watch members' progress and success achieving their goals and more.

Alex Hope

Alex was raised in Northern England, the home of (real) football. Growing up constantly playing and watching football led Alex to love all kinds of sport, both playing and watching. Having produced events at the University in Manchester, Alex founded a 5-a-side football business shortly after, which he expanded across the U.K. Upon spending more and more time with Ahnna's family in Los Angeles, Alex also developed a love for the gym -- specifically group functional training. He loves the way it leads to strong friendships and the way those friendships always push you to better yourself inside and outside of the gym. Having visited gyms all over the world, Alex wants to create the best possible space to work out. He has qualified as a level 3 Personal Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 coach and started his journey to a Gym Jones qualification. He now plans to combine this with his 10 years of experience running his own service businesses to create an industry-leading fitness brand, which helps people live a healthy lifestyle.

AMP Association Coaches:

Ashley Shine:

Ashley Shine was born and raised in San Francisco. She grew up playing basketball, volleyball, and competed nationally in martial arts. Her biggest passion is helping people become the best versions of themselves, and to have the confidence in tackling and achieving whatever goals they set out for themselves.

Chris Benck:

Chris has been a sports and fitness enthusiast since he was a kid, playing anything and everything growing up. He continues to play traditional sports, but after finding functional fitness 5 years ago, he has dived head first into that for himself, as well as becoming a coach and personal trainer to share his passion. High energy and positive mindset go hand in hand with Chris and you can look forward to both of those things any time you're around him.

Denise Dominguez:

Denise has lived in Santa Monica for 8 years and loves the energy of the fitness community here. She has been doing functional fitness for 5 years and teaching for 2. Prior to finding functional fitness, she was an avid runner and did a few triathlons so metcons are her jam, but there's nothing quite like the feeling of teaching someone how to move around a barbell. She's so excited to be part of AMP Association and what they're bringing to the fitness community.

Movement Specialist:

Ashley Grossmann:

Ashley is a London-based movement coach and trainer. He specializes in biomechanics and correcting movement patterns, and has a great deal of experience working with CrossFit athletes through to office workers. He works with people looking to improve their movement -- be it mobility, imbalances, or recovering from injury, he'll design some personalized exercises to get your body working more efficiently and pain-free.


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