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Gleam Davis Elected New Santa Monica Mayor

Promises to keep Santa Monica a "progressive and inclusive" place.

In an action about as surprising as 25 SM Paramedics and firemen rushing to rescue a homeless guy sleeping on the corner of 7th and Arizona, Gleam Davis was elected Santa Monica Mayor.

The Harvard Law School graduate is corporate counsel for AT&T and has sat on the council since taking Herb Katz' seat in 2009. Katz died that year.

"Serving the community is an honor and wonderful opportunity to elevate Santa Monicans priorities during an exciting time in the City's history. We have a lot of work ahead of us," Mayor Gleam Davis said. "Our beachside city is an inclusive and progressive place. We need to celebrate our successes and tackle the challenges that we face with equitable vigor. Santa Monica is a community that I care for deeply and as mayor, I will listen, learn and provide thoughtful consideration to community questions and ideas that arise during my term." Save the foregoing paragraph, and read it the next time you need to sleep.

Santa Monica Mayor is an honorary post, as the City Manager actually runs the City on a daily basis. The post rotates among the 7 member City Council, and generally the Mayor Pro Tem becomes the next Mayor.


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