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Suicidal Man Jumps From Santa Monica Parking Structure 5 in Third Such Suicide in 6 Months

4th street was closed from Broadway to Colorado for a death investigation.

4/11: Once again, a downtown Santa Monica parking structure has become the site of a suicide. Bystanders reported a hazmat team hosing blood from the street in front of Parking Structure 5 on 4th Street, after the 12:30 am jump Thursday morning.

Santa Monica Police confirmed the suicide that afternoon. They closed 4th Street from Broadway to Colorado for a death investigation.

Santa Monica parking structures have recently become popular as suicide jumping off points. The crowded downtown area offers lots of witnesses to a suicidal person, it would seem. A woman jumped from parking Structure 4 on September 15, 2018, and a man killed himself in the same way on December 11, 2018.


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Mwynn1313 writes:

“It would seem” your flippant tone and snotty observation is inappropriate here. The man who jumped was a respected and much beloved member of our community, one who made many people’s lives better, and we are devastated by his death.