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New Restaurant in Venice, Yours Truly, Now Serves Brunch!

When asked what type of food Yours Truly serves, Abruscato stated that it's California food.

There's a new brunch spot in Venice! Yours Truly, previously the restaurant Soltaire, opened up three months ago for dinner and three weeks ago started serving brunch.

Yours Truly has a fun millennial vibe thanks to the colorful art and flashy patterns. The interior is bright and there are plants inside adding an additional pop of color. For instance, each table has a succulent and there is a large tree inside near the entrance. You can tell the restaurant was designed with a keen eye on detail.

Noting another detail that Yours Truly serves up, they have their steamed milk in specialty French bistro glasses, instead of simple glass cups. The whole restaurant is very modern, whether it be the art on the walls or the gender non-specific bathrooms which include both a urinal and a toilet, with a lit candle to add a nice fragrance.

The food is just as focused on detail as the interior decoration. General Manager, Michael Abruscato, explained that the goal of the restaurant is not to be the new trendy place to eat, but the timeless neighborhood restaurant where when a customer walks in, he would know their name.

When asked what type of food Yours Truly serves, Abruscato stated that it's California food. There is an influence of other cuisine, such as Mediterranean or Asian, because when looking at California, there is a notable influence of other cultures. Chef Vartan Abgaryan plays with tastes which you may not expect to go together, but surprisingly do, such as Crab Benedict or Shrimp and Grits with honey in the grits.

Yours Truly is a new brunch spot but it intends to stick around as a classic neighborhood restaurant. In my opinion, it is well worth a meal there to experience the fun food and atmosphere. Yours Truly is located on Abbot Kinney Boulevard so after a delightful meal, you may choose to walk around and stop in some of the eclectic shops along the street.


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