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Dog Runs for President, Promising a Chicken in Every Pot

"Seven for President" Campaign Gains Traction

Oxnard, CA - July 24, 2019 - The Los Angeles Times included the remarkable dog named Seven in a story about the many candidates of the 2020 Presidential Campaign.

Seven threw his collar in the ring for President of the United States earlier this year. His goal is to "Bring America Together Again." The canine candidate hopes his special Therapy Dog love can help bridge the gap between both Republicans and Democrats.

The five-year-old former show dog is offering his services to leaders from both parties in Washington DC. His platform is a home for every dog and a bone for every dog.

He promotes dogs not guns. As soon as he's president, Seven will sign a bill making all parks dog parks. Seven wants 2020 to be the year that America finally puts an end to animal homelessness and human poverty. And when he takes office, he is going to build a wall to keep the fleas out. And the fleas will pay for it.

With all those goals in mind, Seven has created a line of t-shirts and other political paraphernalia. A percentage of all proceeds will go to help rescue dogs find forever homes. To support the canine candidate and dog rescue, visit To find out more about the candidate, visit his Instagram page at


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