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Pop-up Luigi's on the Santa Monica Pier Gave Free Italian Ice to a Few Hundred

West Coast was definitely the place to be, with a hurricane in Florida

There's nothing more American than family trips to historic landmarks like Mt. Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, and our favorite old cracked bell. And there's nothing more #spoontaneous than recreating these monuments in unexpected places with Luigi's Red, White, & Blue cups and boxes.

Coinciding with the launch of their latest "Red, White, & Blue" summer flavors, Cherry & Lemon Swirl and Blue Raspberry & Lemon Swirl, Luigi's brought some of America's most historic monuments to some of summer's most iconic locations – including the Santa Monica Pier!

Luigi's Italian Ice brought new flavors and a family fun pop-up to the west coast. In just a few weeks they brought a gigantic replica of the Liberty Bell that will be made out of LUIGI'S cups and boxes, creating the perfect insta-worthy moment.

Along with the flavor-filled sculpture activation, visitors to the Santa Monica Pier on Labor day, had a chance to:

Guests check out the complimentary samples of the new product, accompanying "souvenir shop" serving up a side of nostalgia with branded Luigi's swag like t-shirts, keychains, tote bags, postcards, beach towels and Spot LUIGI'S team members cruising around on LUIGI'S bikes with a cooler in-tow, handing out samples for people to cool off.


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