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Unspeakable Truth: Hundreds Have Apparently Drowned or Been Swept to Sea in the Bahamas

Video of damage to Abaco Island Demonstrates that Grand Bahama Island will be similar

I don't mean to panic anyone, but the truth is the truth. Hundreds of people are dead from Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. The death toll could even be in the thousands.

It's a question of simple mathematics. Abaco Island has a population of 17224, or did before the storm. Marsh Harbour, the largest settlement, had 5300 residents, says Wikipedia.

In contrast, Grand Bahama Island has a population of 51,756, more than half of whom (26,000) reside in Freeport. Most of Freeport was underwater, some of it 23 feet above sea level. And this continued for 36 hours, as Dorian hovered 35 miles from Freeport. Most of Grand Bahama Island is less than 23 feet above sea level.

The authorities clearly don't want to panic anyone, but the photos prove the unspeakable truth: hundreds of people died this weekend in the Bahamas.

The US Coast Guard, as well as Customs and Border Patrol, have two dozen or so US helicopters in the Bahamas. Mostly they are there to conduct search and rescue operations in the Commonwealth nation.

In Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria killed 2,982 people by some estimates. The authorities initially said only 64 died, but they were excluding many casualties that followed the 2017 storm.

The larger total "includes at least 2,975 deaths based on a study by GWU on the estimated excess mortality. The official death count was previously 64. The storm caused $90 billion (2017 USD) in damage in Puerto Rico, and three deaths in the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as an additional 75 deaths and $1.6 billion in damage across the rest of the Caribbean." again from Wikipedia


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