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Malibu Schools Closed on Halloween, but SM Schools Will be Open

SMMUSD reserves the right to change it's mind based on air quality

What some authorities are calling the worst "Red Flag Alert" since 2009, has caused fires mostly in Ventura County. LA County has so far escaped the worst of it. Nevertheless, the SMMUSD will close Malibu Schools on Halloween, 10/31. Santa Monica Schools will remain open. Malibu schools were closed on 10/30 as well, but not Santa Monica Schools, which were open.

Below is the press release from the District:

Dear Santa Monica parents and staff,

Based on current and predicted air quality and weather conditions, all Santa Monica schools and district offices will be open Thursday, Oct. 31, 2019. Air quality, based on the three agencies we monitor listed below, was good today.

We are monitoring conditions tonight and overnight, and if there are any changes, we will notify you by 6 a.m. Thursday.

Preschool and before and after school care in Santa Monica are expected to be open. Please check with your coach or advisor regarding athletics and other outdoor after school programs. Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club locations plan to be open tomorrow.

Malibu schools will remain closed tomorrow. Conditions differ greatly from Santa Monica in that they are under an extreme fire watch, threat of power and road closures, under City of Malibu alert to be prepared for evacuation, stronger winds and elevated smoke and air quality risk. None of these conditions are present currently in Santa Monica.

We monitor the following agency websites for air quality:,, (South Coast).

We are working to maintain the cleanliness of interior and exterior spaces while our communities experience debris from wind and fire events. We are taking all necessary precautions to keep students safe based on air quality levels. Determination for outdoor activities during the school day will be based on these protocols and cleanliness of surfaces on a site-by-site basis, by our Principals.

Parents have the right to keep students home, without jeopardizing attendance records. Please notify your school office if your student is absent due to concerns over air quality.

Please contact teachers for missed assignments. We look forward to seeing our students in class for a great day of learning.


Dr. Ben Drati, Superintendent


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