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Police Apprehend Robbery Suspect after he Flees Brentwood Apt., Crashes into Building on Montana Avenue

After fleeing scene of robbery in Brentwood, suspect crashes into structure at Princeton and Montana

Update, 8:30 PM: Police apprehended one suspect and are searching for a second. "They're having a debrief with all the officers. One of the cops just told me they found the suspect hiding in a yard 5 houses away," posted one local resident.

Los Angeles Police are investigating the robbery of a residence at 503 Avondale Apartments in Brentwood, Friday afternoon around 4:30 pm. The suspect is said by some to have fled the scene in a Toyota Corolla, then crashed into a structure on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.

Some witnesses say he ran by foot and into the house at Princeton and Montana Avenue. Local police have the house surrounded. The SWAT team is present.

" "LAPD K9 just gave an announcement telling everyone to stay inside and that dogs were being deployed. They said the suspects have 1 minute to drop their guns and surrender or they may be shot or bitten by the dogs. Given in English and Spanish." ""You have one minute to surrender."

The situation is confused, said one local resident, adding that this "might be 2 separate robberies, both in southwest Brentwood, at least one was interrupted by a resident & 2 suspects took off in a white corolla, rolled the car, ran, & are believed to be holed up near the intersection of Montana and Princeton. Police/SWAT are yelling instructions." said one local resident

Police, by some accounts, are still searching for the suspects. "They're walking with 7 officers in tactical gear in a diamond formation walking door to door and yard to yard on Moreno north of Montana. Looking in all yards."

""Walked by that area with dog just prior to incident. Then circled around block and heard and saw commotion. Bystanders said police told them that suspect(s) is hiding in first house on Moreno just north of Montana. Hopefully, no residents in house with suspect." said another.

"2 men attempted a break-in Brentwood but they got caught by police and fled in a white corolla. Chase ended on Moreno and Montana, where the suspects flipped the car and ran into a house. Cops have them surrounded," posted one man on at about 6 pm PST

Heard helicopter loudspeaker about 20 minutes ago announce "Put your weapon down and come outside with your hands up!"" posted one local resident at 750 pm PST.


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