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Never Loan Your Cousin a Red Jeep Cherokee, Just Before a Hurricane

Stranded jeep on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, witnesses why you should just say no.

A red jeep Cherokee stranded on the beach in Myrtle Beach, SC, is witness to why you should keep the keys before a hurricane

The owner of the vehicle said "yes" when his cousin wanted to drive to the beach and photograph the sunset on November 30, 2019, just before Hurricane Dorian came ashore in South Carolina.

The jeep became stuck in the sand somehow, and he was unable to drive off. To add insult to injury, the offending cousin did not call the jeep owning cousin, and he heard about his vehicles plight from the local police.

Police did finally tow the vehicle away, after more then 24 hours on the beach, and after the vehicle had starred in numerous Youtube and twitter videos. A bag piper played Amazing Grace in front of it, for example.

When towed away, the car had a broken window and was missing it's front bumper. The owner believes it's a total loss.


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