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Electrical Problems Cause 3 Green Shuttle Buses to Burn at LAX

Fire complicates busiest day of the year at nation's busiest airport

Investigators say electrical problem sparked blaze that engufed three propane-powered buses Saturday night, December 20th. The fire began in the "LAXit" lot at Los Angeles international airport.

There were no injuries, and no one was especially near the buses at the time.

The fire was visible throughout the crowded airport, and could be seen a mile away. Some speculated the propane tanks could've burned.

The Los Angeles Airport Authority has emphasized the growth of LAX airport over the areas three other airports. Long Beach, Burbank and Ontario airport have not grown nearly as much as LAX. But LAX is now so crowded with Uber drivers, Lyft drivers and buses that people can not get in and out of the terminal area.


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