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MatzoBall 2019 sponsored by JSwipe Returns to Los Angeles.....

..... for its Annual 33rd Holiday Party on Tuesday Eve, December 24, 2019

About 400 singles between 25-65 but most were in their thirties, packed the Derriere Night Club, at 6510 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038 from 9pm to 2 am.

This stylish club was cute but was too jammed with the 400 singles, trying to meet, mingle and dance. The lighting was too murky and dark, and many people spilled their drinks, unable to find a table in the shadowy night club

The MatzoBall Holiday Party last year was held at the Argyle Night Club in Hollywood, which was bigger and a more spacious venue, that allowed its 800 guests more breathing room. Last year’s party had 8 talented female striptease dancers on pedestals to entertain the party crowd.

At this years’ party the only entertainment was the DJ, whose music selection was very limited and not conducive for dancing. I heard many people mention that the R&B slow melodies and crawling Rap sounds were boring. However, the dance floor was packed with gleeful guests

This single group ( 90% Jewish) were all smiling, chatting, drinking, dancing and schmoozing all night long, joyful and delighted to have a party the night before Christmas!


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