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The End of Stationary Retail: Staples to Exit Santa Monica February 7, 2020

The Staples store located at 15th and Wilshire Blvd will close permanently on February 7th, an employee of the store told our reporter.

“Apparently, corporate was in talks with the landlord to negotiate a new deal, but with the new rent they are asking, management decided to walk,” said another employee. “Word is they already pay $80,000 a month rent and the landlord now wants $100k or more,” he added.

Santa Monica used to have several retail stationary outlets. Staples put them out of business 20 or so years ago. Now the internet and high rents have driven Staples out of town.

For the moment, the Staples location on Lincoln Blvd in Venice will remain open for the time being.

And you can always order your boxes of paper and expensive ink refill cartridges online, right?


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TML writes:

End of stationary retail in Santa Monica? Not true. We still have mom and pop Sugar Paper, Paper Source, and Arts and Letters.

TML writes:

We didn't loose our Staples store due to the internet. We lost it for the same reason we recently lost Swingers- shamelessly greedy landlords.