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How The Loss Of An Idol Affects Us, Such As The Immortal Kobe Bryant

Kobe's talent was God given, unique and otherworldly. Grief affects everyone in a different way

On January 26th, 2020 we lost an icon. Kobe Bryant, the basketball legend, was one of eight victims in a tragic helicopter crash. It's one of those types of deaths that leaves you reeling and trying to put the pieces together.

Bryant, 41, had entered the NBA straight from High School and played his 20 year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. His talent was God given, unique and otherworldly.

All over the world, people have praised him and decorated their life with posters of him, stickers, signed jerseys and basketballs. So many looked up to him and he was their hero. He impacted so many lives for the better, and inspired kids to follow their dreams and to know that anything is possible!

This can naturally be devastating. Grief can affect everyone in a different way.

When one loses a spouse, grandparent or sibling- it's heartbreaking and they process the death in their own way. However, when an icon passes away, it's as if the whole world stops spinning for a split second and we all as a human race are affected. We lean on each other through family, friends but also through social media to find comfort in reminiscing on our favorite memories.

It can so easily trigger a spiral of anxiety or depression when the world loses an icon and inspiration in a tragic, unexpected and untimely way. It's so important to express your feelings with family and friends as well as seeking therapy (if needed). Activities like journaling, meditating, being in nature and actively checking in with your feelings are very important.

Death is challenging and we all feel it differently. There is a process of grieving and accepting what life will now be like. It's also very hard to have grown up with a star or public figure (such as an athlete, singer, actor) and feel that close bond to them and how they shaped your life.

Life is very precious, and it's hard to put into words what Kobe meant to the world and how many lives he impacted, but we all can learn from his mentality and continue pursuing our dreams and being the best version of ourselves every day.

It is important to continue living in a positive way, to move on and to treasure the lost idol, it can even be turned into a positive if we did deeply within ourselves. Try to hold on to what inspired you, move forward and treasure every day.

And if in doubt or should feelings appear where we doubt ourselves, we should remember, 'to live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die.' Hold onto the greatness, start a new day, remember "happiness is a choice," and ask yourself,

"What would Kobe do?"

Megan Gallagher is 2x TEDx Speaker, #1 Best selling author on amazon, Mental health advocate & Motivational speaker for teens



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