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Ripping up #SOTU Speech, Nancy Pelosi and the squad are all wearing white at the State of the Union

A running commentary as the president presents the State of the Union address.

At a time when women fill universities and 72% of new jobs, When life has never been better for women or men in the United States of America, 30 or so congress women are seen wearing white in the house chamber. What exactly are they trying to say?

Drawing an historical parallel to the suffragettes is the obvious answer. Trump made appeals not only to women but to African Americans. This as US President Donald J Trump delivers his third State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on February 4, 2020.

As Ian says most people look up at space I want to look down at the world. This after Trump brags about the creation of the new space force.

Also present is a black business owner who has created jobs in underprivileged parts of Cincinnati. General Charles McGee, one of the last surviving Tuskegee airmen who is also Ian’s great grandfather.

In an obvious attempt to address the Democrats recent impeachment efforts, Trump said “we must remember that the only victories that matter in Congress are the ones that deliver for the American people.”

Trump talked about school choice especially in relation to black families.

He spoke of healthcare and promised to continue to ban the use of pre-existing conditions as determining health insurance coverage. He also said that American healthcare would always be private, and that we would never allow socialism to destroy American healthcare. Boy the ladies in white rolled their eyes at that one.

He said that healthcare for illegal aliens would never be allowed, in particular site in California as an example of a state providing a magnet for undocumented immigrantsoHe said that healthcare for illegal aliens would never be allowed, in particular citing California as an example of a state providing a magnet for undocumented immigrants.

After promising to introduce legislation that would ban Government provided healthcare for illegal aliens, he bragged about completing 500 miles of wall at the southern border.

At this point the women in white interrupted the speech. What they were chanting had to do with healthcare. Next the president turned to Rush Limbaugh and his recent diagnosis of stage four lung cancer. Standing between Melania Trump and Kellyanne Conway, Trump lauded Limbaugh and needless to say Nancy Pelosi did not applaud.

He that had Melania present Limbaugh with the presidential medal of freedom right then and there in front of Congress.

He talked about paid family leave to all government employees, and said he would sponsor legislation to ban late term abortion‘s. This after lighting the earliest premature baby to survive, Ellie Mae, who was there with her mom.

He talked about joining the 1 trillion trees initiative to plant new trees in America and all around the world. And he announced an infrastructure plan to rebuild American infrastructure with $100 billion over 10 years. He announced an initiative to provide high-speed Internet to rural America.

He said that law enforcement officers should be supported especially ice officers who were arrested 120,000 illegal aliens across America last year. Then he spoke of sanctuary cities and Nancy Pelosi actively shook her head.

Just last year a criminal illegal alien was charged with the rape and murder of a 92-year-old woman. The killer had previously been charged with assault, but under the New York City sanctuary city policy, she was freed. Then he spoke of California being a sanctuary state for a criminal illegal immigrants and it’s catastrophic results. He gave one tragic example. And December 2019 and illegal alien with five prior arrests for robbery and assault was detained

He introduced Rudy Jones his brother Rocky Jones who lost his brother to an illegal alien on a shooting spree. And asked that Congress passed the legislation allowing sanctuary cities and states to be sued by the relatives are victims of violent crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens

He said he would protect the right to say prayer in the public school, after discussing how he has appointed 187 federal judges.

then he asked Congress to fund the Artemis program to be sure that the next man and woman on the moon are American and to plant the American flag on Mars.


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TML writes:

Trump is a criminal that will serve prison time when he is voted out of office in November.