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First Coronavirus Case Reported in Venice Beach, California on Thursday

After skiing in the Italian Alps, a Venice man's nephew posts that he has developed Covid19

A Venice man was infected with Coronavirus while on a skiing trip in Italy last week, his nephew posted Thursday on social media. We have edited the post only to remove the man's identity. It is below:

"My uncle just tested positive for the coronavirus. He lives in Venice, CA. I've not been in direct contact with him, so we are not at risk from him, but I want to relay how the health department has managed his case. He was skiing in the Italian alps with 6 other guys. 4 of them, including my uncle, now have the coronavirus. One is in a coma. two are sick, and my uncle has not presented any symptoms as of yet. He self-quarantined and called the health department.

·A few days later they tested him and yesterday he found out he's positive. Meanwhile, they've told my aunt to wear a mask, stay 10 feet away from my uncle, and otherwise she is free to move about the community. And, she has - to grocery stores, the hair salon, etc.

·Believe me, I'm upset to hear that she did this. The crazier part is that they have not tested her, and will not, and again - advised her she is free to move at-will. This is how our health dept. is leading this effort. ·Just got an update -- my aunt is now quarantined. Guy in coma is starting to improve. stay safe people."

Other Covid19 cases have been diagnosed in Las Vegas, Nevada. The patient is a Veteran in his 50's, who had recently traveled to Washington state. He is currently being quarantined at the VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System in North Las Vegas.

It seems likely that both men were among the eleven infected people who came back to the Western US after a skiing trip to Italy.

"A day after declaring a local health emergency, Los Angeles County officials on Thursday announced four additional cases of coronavirus-raising the county's total to 11.

According to the L.A. County Department of Public Health, the new patients were part of a group who traveled to northern Italy, three of whom had previously been confirmed to have the virus.

The new patients have been quarantined, and health officials are monitoring anyone they came in close contact with."


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