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Vons Corporate Decides Grocery Shoppers Should Line Up, So They Can Social Distance Once Inside

Coronavirus is a serious thing, but has led to some seriously questionable practices.

Does this make any sense to you? Vons grocery company has decided that its shoppers must line up outside the store, so that only 10 or 50 are shopping inside at any one time. Trouble is, they are close enough to breath on each other.

Gelson's has done likewise. We saw a Vons and a Pavilions (a division of Vons) in Santa Monica, where the shoppers were lined up within three feet of each other rather than the recommended six feet apart.

Coronavirus is a serious thing, but has led to some seriously questionable practices. Old wives tales abound, and are no more logical than the hoarding of toilet paper by some customers.

"Lines all the way back through the produce section back to the deli at my local Vons. TP/paper towel aisle completely wiped out, meat section more than 1/2 empty, no ground beef. Haven’t seen anything like this…" tweets Melinda.

"While waiting in line for check-out at @vons, a senior man behind the man behind me asked, “where did you get the toilet paper?” The man responded, “in the back.” He was about to leave the line, the man said, “here you can take one of mine, I have two in my cart.” tweets Cindy.

"I would ask @Costco @traderjoes @vons @Albertsons @Safeway and other food retailers to please consider allowing the elderly to the front of the line or a special area where they can pay. They shouldn’t be standing in line for lengthy times creating unnecessary exposure," tweets Kimberly Hale


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TML writes:

Hey Sam, last week you were saying we were all over reacting to Corona Virus and now you are calling it a serious thing. I wonder how you'll feel about it next week?