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Beaches Were Deserted Anyway. Then Los Angeles County Closed Them Due to Coronavirus

Many on social media are more than a little upset at the latest outrage. Banning Californians from beaches... Can the revolution seriously be far behind?

You probably got the alert on your phone. "Danger! Beaches are closed to the public until further notice, due to Covid-19. Oh, and the Hiking Trails too." Avoid crowds, somehow get exercise, be safe.

You should see the hate on social media (actually, you probably have. What else is there to do but look at Facebook?) Who the hell are these people anyway? Is it possible that our elected politicians are doing this to us?

One woman speculated that this was a way to force the homeless from beach encampments, by making it illegal to be there at all.

It is more likely, though, that the intention of the latest indignity visited on LA County's 10 million residents, was to prevent this weekend from becoming a beach weekend for the crowds of young people. It is said that youth feel invincible, and congregated on the beach, determined to have their spring break despite LA County Health Dept. orders.

“People who have recovered, build resistance to it," posted one So Cal gentleman. "If your friends or family members are members of at risk groups, then they should practice social distancing for an extended period of time; i.e. not the entire population. This makes no sense and cannot be sustained."

"Here is 3/21 compared to 3/27 in #LACounty. Four times the cases, six times the death. #CoronaVirusUpdates #COVID19," tweeted one local resident. He defended the reasoning behind the beach closure. He noted that there were 26 deaths due to Coronavirus on 3/27.

It certainly does seem like the revolution is not far off. Denying Southern Californians their beaches, is like denying Parisians wine and cheese. It's cruel and in any case, we're not putting up with it for long.


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TML writes:

Selfish residents will have to learn how to sacrifice for a short period of time for the greater good.