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Riverside Sheriff's Deputy Terrell Young Dies of Coronavirus Exposure and Complications

Young worked in the Riverside County detention facility where he contracted covid-19

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department has lost one of its deputies to Coronavirus.

Deputy Terrell Young died on Thursday April 2, wrote Eric Rose, Riverside Sheriffs Association Spokesman. Young was married for 31 years and had 4 children. They are now in self quarantine, along with their mother.

Young last worked at the Riverside County detention center in Murrieta on March 23. It now has 11 inmates who have tested positive for coronavirus. Riverside has 25 sheriff's deputies who have tested positive for coronavirus. 9 of them work at county detention facilities.

Law enforcement officers are vulnerable to Covid 19, because they work with the public and must, at times, work in close physical proximity to suspects. 1000 members of the 42000 New York City Police Officers have tested positive for Covid-19. Another 5000 are simply calling in sick, presumably to avoid the virus.

The Statement from the Riverside Sheriffs Association reads:

Today is an extremely sad day for the Riversides Sheriff’s Association as we have lost our first Deputy to Coronavirus, Deputy Terrell Young. Deputy Young served this Department and the Association for 15 years and his death due to COVID-19 is a painful loss for our Association and the law enforcement community. We extend our prayers and deepest condolences to Deputy Young’s family, friends, co-workers during these extraordinary times.

Deputy Young passed away this morning, Thursday, April 2, 2020, due to complications from COVID-19. Deputy Young began his career with our Department in December 2005. Deputy Young worked assignments at the Larry Smith Correctional Facility, Perris Station, Court Services, Southwest Station, and the Cois Byrd Detention Center. Deputy Young is survived by his wife and four children. I have been in touch with his family, and they are requesting privacy at this time.

Our Association family, and law enforcement family as a whole, mourns the community the tragic death of Deputy Young. The news of Terrell’s loss strengthens our resolve to work ever more closely with our health professionals to stop the spread of COVID-19. We continue to urge everyone that this virus is real, it is deadly, and we should continue to maintain social-distancing as much as possible. Together, we will overcome these challenges and difficult days. Please stay safe and take care of one another during these unprecedented and extremely difficult times.

Riverside County Deputy Sheriff's Association, working with First Responder Processing, has set up a website to support Deputy Young's family. All donations are 100% tax-deductible. The public can donate to Deputy Young's family by visiting


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