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56 Covid-19 Cases Reported in Santa Monica, an Infection Rate of 59.96 per 100,000 residents

Notes of Thursday's Daily Briefing from Los Angeles County Dept of Health

4/2/2020: Kathryn Barger, Chair, LA. Co. Board of Supervisors: Higher numbers in some areas are due to access to testing in affluent areas. Now we are getting tests into all areas, who may not have had access prior.

Dr. Barbara Ferrer: But if you are severely ill and go to the hospital, you will be tested, no matter where you are from. In some of our communities, people travel a lot. They came back from Europe and infected others in their community, so it's not just because they tested at a higher rate. Don't go into crowded elevators. Wait for the next one. One or two people in a small elevator is enough. 10-minute rule is arbitrary. Minimize your risk.

4/2/2020. Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Director LA CO. Dept. of Health: An additional 13 deaths today. 12 were over 65, 11 did have underlying health conditions. One was 41-65 with health conditions. 78 deaths in LA CO. 1.9 per cent mortality rate. 86 per cent of dead who were covid positive had underlying health conditions.

534 new cases, over a thousand in the last 48 hours. 4045 total cases in LA Co. n Nine homeless have it now. 78 per cent positive are between 18-65. 900 people have had to be hospitalized, which is now 22 per cent of all positive cases. 241 are hospitalized currently, 153 are 55 and older, 108 are older than 65. 2/3 of people currently hospitalized have no underlying health conditions, and they are dispersed across all age groups. 28 per cent are in ICU; 34 per cent are over 65. 55 per cent have underlying health conditions.

\But five are under 35, and a couple have no other health conditions. 54 different nursing homes, assisted living, treatment centers, jails, prisons and shelters have at least one Covid-19 positive person.

Total confirmed in institutional settings is 298 people; both staff and residents. 175 are among residents or guests; 114 among staff. 11 people who have died were in nursing or assisted living facility. In the County Jail, there are seven cases; six among staff, and one inmate. The Lancaster State Prison has six positive cases among inmates. There are only two shelters with people positive for Covid-19. That's two staff people and one guest at the shelter.

We quarantine everyone who has been exposed. We moved 22 vulnerable homeless people who had been exposed into their own individual rooms in one of our facilities to self-isolate. As of April 1st, we have tested over 23,300 people, and 13 per cent were positive.

I want to note that that number is slightly inflated because some labs are not giving us the results of negative tests. We are still prioritizing tests for those most in need. If you have no symptoms and test negative today, it will say nothing about tomorrow. We are rethinking advice about who should wear masks. Health care workers must have N 95 masks; no one else needs them. If you are out and not able to stay six feet away from people, like in the grocery store or pharmacy, you should cover your own nose and mouth. Make your own; supply of surgical masks is for health care workers and sick people.

We still don't have enough N 95's. But cover your mouth and nose when you are out and about. More important is still staying six feet away from people, even if you are masked. Wash your hands to get rid of germs. Don't touch your face. As we learn more about the virus, our guidance may change. Only go out to access essential services. We have weeks to go. Thank you for all that you are doing to stop the spread.


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