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CBS News Closes its New York HQ "as a precaution," after 2 employees test positive for Covid-19

CBS News Los Angeles is now the temporary headquarters of the CBS News Network

CBS News has announced through their website,, that they have closed their New York City headquarters after 2 employees tested positive for Coronavirus. "Our temporary headquarters is now our Los Angeles facility," said Elaine Quihano, a newscaster on the network.

The NYC closures were announced on March 11. But on March 28th the Network said it would temporarily be broadcasting from LA, not New York.

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Broadcasting giant CBS ordered its staff in two Manhattan offices to work from home after two employees tested positive for coronavirus Wednesday, the network announced.

The network will be closing its main East Coast production hub - the CBS Broadcast Center, at 524 West 57th Street, and its nearby property at 555 West 57th Street - for disinfecting following the positive COVID-19 results.

All employees forced to work remotely for the next two days, according to a memo sent by CBS News President Suzan Zirinsky.

The Tiffany Network headquarters its sprawling news division in the facility, which is also home to the "CBS This Morning" program. WCBS-TV, Channel 2, also calls 524 W. 57th Street home.


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