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"Don't Go Shopping" Says LA County Dept of Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer

Coronavirus and other viruses float in the air, so if you simply must shop, please wear a mask.

4/7/2020. At today's daily update, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles Co. Director of Public Health, said that there were 22 new deaths in the County.

This brings the Covid-19 death toll in Los Angeles County to 169.

LA County added 550 new cases Tuesday, bringing the Coronavirus total to 6910 across the County.

Dividing deaths into the diagnosed cases, yields a mortality rate of 2.4 per cent mortality rate. Ferrer notes that she has data from 67 per cent of cases, and does not have info on other 43 per cent.

Out of 93 deaths, 28 per cent were Latinos, 27 per cent were white, 19 per cent were Asian, 17 per cent were African American, and nine per cent were other. African Americans have a slightly higher rate of death, given their proportion in LA County's overall population.

Ferrer said she encourages medical labs to collect ethnicity data.

"While this is not an order," she said, "please don't shop. We're almost at 7000 cases of people who have been infected; meaning that there is significant Covid in our neighborhoods," she added.

There are 10 million residents, yielding a known case rate of 1 in 1300. But at least 20% of Covid patients are completely asymptomatic, health care professionals believe. And most patients't know they have Covid-19 for at least the first few days after they have been infected, during which they can shed the virus.

"Call DHS if you need transportation to testing centers. CDC says if you have a loved one in a nursing home or long term care facility, and if you can take care of them, bring them home."

Coronavirus and other viruses float in the air, so if you have to shop, wear a mask.

Dr. Ferrer 4/7: 10 cases amongst homeless, one from shelter. 1510 positive cases have been hospitalized; which is 22 per cent. 869 currently are hospitalized, 132 people are in ICU. 121 institutions have cases--total number is 552. 307 were residents, 309 were staff. 37 residents have died. 30 cases in jails. One inmate, 29 staff. 10 cases in prison. 8 inmates and 2 staff, two staff in juvenile facility. Two staff members positive at homeless shelter, one resident. 35,300 in LA Co. have been tested, 14 per cent were positive. We believe we have another 20,000 negative lab results. Wealthier communities have been tested more than poorer communities. Sheriff's deputies will respond to domestic violence calls. LA Co. Domestic Violence shelters are open, and will take you in if you need it. 1-800-978-3600 for help. Please cancel any planned gatherings for Passover and Easter. This is "Stay at Home" week. Don't shop.


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