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Leading Santa Monica Publicist Christine Peake of PeakPRgroup Talks PR During Covid.

"It's what I do, I take a situation and find something good in it, if you look hard enough it is always there. Then I sell it. It's how I am naturally programmed."

With many of us losing all forms of income during these uncertain times, one of the hardest hit is the public relations sector dealing with events which invariable can have up to 100 - 1000 guests in attendance.

One publicist, Christine Peake the CEO of Santa Monica PR firm peakPRgroup decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own spin on her sudden loss of work.

"All my red carpet events were suddenly cancelled, events which I had spent months working on. I had to think outside the box and utilize my clients and my press contacts and align myself with the current situation at hand. I needed to pay my bills like everyone else. Time to think outside the box!"

Christine put all her efforts into finding one of the first patients in Los Angeles who had contracted the deadly disease in Wuhan China and was now back in Los Angeles, a professional stuntman and actor who had contracted the disease on a top secret movie set in China.

"I wanted to get his story out there so we had a deeper first hand story of the disease and what it meant and what his personal journey had been. We achieved that, he was able to go on the news and we created articles on him. No one had heard from a patient from Wuhan."

Secondly she started working with HOLLIBLU- a platform for nurses, created by nurse Cara Lunsford.

"The HOLLIBLU app is a terrific organization to help support nurses and tell their stories during the crisis- we got some great intel out into the masses on what was really going on." To learn more go to http://www.Holliblu.Com

Christine also represents "LAMO are a terrific company and they stepped up - pun intended, and donated footwear to HOLLIBLU nurses, grocery store workers and also support pediatric cancer charity http://www.SavingSophie.Org

They are the best, they donated thousands of pairs, as always without question."

She also started working with the non profit, the OLAS Foundation, a charity which delivers boxes of organic vegetables picked from a farm and delivered to the door the very same day, whist also raising funds for ocean inspired youth programs - founder by Karon Pardue and Mary Osborne.

"I was very excited to help with the Olas Foundation, they delivered a box of fresh organic produce to my door and asked me to create some photos or a small video promoting the brand. That's was so much fun and I took it to another level playing loud music and created a fun video, I am happy to say it sold a few boxes!"

Christine also represents Crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills- owned business the House of An.

They have been the most generous during these times, they created a Crustacean Cares program, delivering and donating food to the medical staff at Cedar Sinai, donating boxes of groceries to the food and beverage community who are unemployed and their Santa Monica restaurant Tiato is donating bag of groceries to the elderly community on Sat 25th April 9am - 11am. They have been so gracious and considerate of the community whilst turning their own financially impacted restaurants into a To-Go business. They excelled and continue to do so."

Crustacean restaurant of Beverly Hills created Crustacean Cares and have donated food and groceries to Cedars Sinai, the elderly and employees of the Food and Beverage community

To know Christine you won't be surprised, her energy level and infection 'glass if full' attitude is off the charts.

"These are strange and terrifying times, the human loss, sickness, unemployment and the immediate future is bleak. I just woke up one day and thought, what are you going to do? I opted to ditch Netflix and sweat pants and try to find a little niche where I could not only provide some sort of income for myself but also connect the dots and help others. It's what I do. It's all we can do."

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