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Local Man Celebrates his 100th Birthday With Drive-by Neighborhood Block Party

Social Distancing could not prevent friends and family from marking the beginning of Sam Marquez' second century

Sam Marquez turned 100 on Tuesday, and his family, friends and neighbors didn't want to let a little thing like Covid-19 get in the way of a celebration. So they threw him a drive-by 100th birthday party to maintain social distancing.

The centenarian has been a Santa Monica resident for over 90 years and his lived in Los Angeles County all of his life. He has lived on Hill St. for over 55 years, reports his grandson Steven Marquez

"In the keeping with the social distancing rules, we unfortunately had to cancel a big party we had planned," said Marquez. "But we still want to honor this momentous day with a surprise 100th birthday procession in front of his house."

Friends and neighbors drove by and honked, with signs hanging out the windows congratulating him on his centennial. Sam presented close friends and family members with roses. He gave me one too.

To what does Sam Marquez attribute his longevity? I asked his grandson, Steve.

"My grandpa always says that staying active is the key to staying healthy! He worked as a gardener until late in his 80s. He still works in his garden daily. More importantly, he will tell you it is his great-grandchildren, grandchildren, family and good friends that give him inspiration."


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