Community, Diversity, Sustainability and other Overused Words

Destiny Church donates lunches to Staff at Hospitals and Grocery Stores.

They donate 5000 meals to hospitals in LA, in the Coachella Valley, and also to grocery store employees.

Destiny Church has a program to give "Care Bag" lunches during the pandemic, "Just to show the hospital staff we care about them." They also give out lunches to grocery stores.

The Church gives out 5000 hot meals a week. They donate 200 meals to Desert Regional Hospital in Palm Springs, which is where we ran into Pastor Jeff and Pastor Joshua.

"We deliver 1000 bags every week for the Coachella valley," he explained. "We give out 2000 in Los Angeles. This includes 5000 hot meals and over 20,000 pounds of food for the Coachella Valley," which is a separate donation.

Destiny Church is located in Indio. In Los Angele County, Destiny is headquartered in Torrance. "We give to hospital staff because every day, they put their life on the line," said Pastor Jeff.

"Each week, we alternate and do the grocery stores. Yesterday we did (gave bag lunches to staff) all the Home Depot's locally. We have also done Ralph's grocery company, Vons Grocery Company also for the staff at Sprouts and Whole Foods Market. We delivered lunches for the staff and all those who work in there OK," he said.


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