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City of Santa Monica Imposes Curfew Intended to Prevent George Floyd Looting

Apologizing to "The Community," city says you must be home at 8 pm.

The City of Santa Monica Friday apologetically announced a curfew from dusk to dawn, due to the George Floyd rioting. This closely following the loosening of Covid19 restrictions in LA County. Here is the press release from the City of Santa Monica:

Tonight, we follow the City of Los Angeles in imposing a City-wide curfew from 8 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. to ensure public safety across our region. Emergency responders are exempt, as are those traveling to and from work or seeking or giving emergency care. As a City, we grieve with the family of George Floyd, feel the anguish across our broader community, and commit ourselves to the healing process that must follow.

From Santa Monica's Chief of Police Cynthia Renaud on Friday, May 29

The Santa Monica Police Department feels the strong emotions and concerns that are being voiced and displayed countrywide. We share these emotions. While the death of George Floyd occurred more than 1,900 miles away, the actions of every sworn officer have the potential to tarnish the badge many of us hold dear. With this, our mission and commitment to the Santa Monica community is unchanged. We remain dedicated to safeguarding our community by improving public safety and upholding the public trust. SMPD believes strongly in accepting individual and collective responsibility for our oath, duty, and actions. We will continue to adhere to strict, unequivocal standards of conduct in keeping with our ethical obligations while respecting the value of human life and dignity.

We encourage discussion and conversation in an effort to promote freedom of speech, transparency, and to preserve the layers of trust and confidence we have worked hard to enjoy, collectively, with our community.

The actions of the officers involved are directly in conflict with the oath we have taken which is to protect and serve.

Our prayers go out to the family of George Floyd and the City of Minneapolis.


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