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How Minneapolis Tamped Down George Floyd Riots on Day 3

Finally, enough men at arms massed against the protestors.

It's about math. They didn't have enough police/guards to carry out a city-wide effort until today. All they could do before was scramble around trying to put out fires. Literally.

Guard was requested on Wednesday, but it takes a while to scramble together all of those barbers and farmers and teachers spread throughout a big state.

They waited until about 20 minutes after curfew, then they came in from all sides on any large group.

The largest group we're walking along a street. The LEOs cut in and broke off the back half to surround them, and then picked up the others.. Such a good plan, very slick, when they had enough manpower to do it.

Day 1: Frey realizes that his force is outnumbered so he asks for the guard and abandons the station that has already been breached and sends those officers to protect it her areas. Auto zone burns in South Minneapolis.

Day 2: The governor wanted to take over. He has an add'l 700 guards to work with, but destruction escalates, as the 3d Precinct police station burns.

Day 3: Frey and Gov Walz and St Paul Gov appear together as a united group. They add another 1000 guards and secure the city.

No, wait, it's day four of destruction, and maybe on day if nonviolent protests earlier.

Day three added 700 guards but the arson and looting increased even more.

Saturday night was day 4, MPD were reportedly firing paintballs and rubber bullets on people standing on their front porches. Anyway, the point is it was not about leadership, it was about a shortage of bodies.


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